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Scottish cats cattery Simba Iceberg

Simba Iceberg - monobreed Scottish cats cattery.
We specialize in breeding of Scottish cats of rare color-point and tabby-point colors.

How did the name of Simba Iceberg cattery appear?

СThe very first we had our blue-eyed handsome cat named Simba Iceberg.
He was so handsome that he received the award for the award and quickly closed the titles at international exhibitions
All people, from visitors of the exhibition and to the judges, with surprise looked at his charming beautiful little face!
They admire him for his athletic build and friendly character!
Sometimes it seemed that he knows exactly that he is handsome and perfect
He built his eyes to the judges! And they could not refuse the rewards!
Over time, we collected money for the bride price 🙂 and bought him his first wife in the harem
Rosabel (just Rozochka) - a Komsomol, an athlete and just a gorgeous woman 🙂 became his faithful and beloved wife!
Immediately bought a second
Paula (just Pavlusya or Lucy) - a model, beautiful and 100% blonde girl, in the figurative sense of the word, - she graced with her presence our life and the life of Simba Iceberg
Always athletic, in perfect shape, without the extra weight, well-groomed and tracking her appearance, Paula has become an integral part of our lives and graced it with her presence.
Champion title she closed easily! During 1.5 International Exhibitions
There was a question about the cattery registration.
Questions how to name did not arise.
We had our favorite Simba Iceberg, cat already had his personal website, and we had only one option!
This is how Simba Iceberg cattery appeared.

And a ot of charming kittens 🙂

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