Scottish cats cattery Simba Iceberg

Cattery's pride

Dedicated to the beloved cats and kittens!

We are proud of our breeding cats (have much to be proud :)! )
and of all of our graduates!
We remember and love you all!
And it does not matter for us whether you got deserved awards or not from the international judges!
Because we do not love for the awards and achievements, and love just because 🙂 !!!!!
We have made every effort that you become mannered and behaved decently in society!
It is very important to us that each of you had caring and loving owner!
And we are trying!
We carry selection of the owners 🙂 !!!!!
But sometimes, of course, happens differently! Much to our regret!
So, we are doubly excited for our graduates, who are lucky enough to find a caring and not haggler owner!

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